Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg

My wife placed an order with by using a gift card given from a close friend. She placed the order on 24 October 2012, noting in the order that it must be shipped USPS, because we live overseas and have an APO address.

She called the customer service number, and the first person she spoke to could not grasp the concept of Americans living overseas, but using a US address through theAPO system. When she could not get through to Michael, the customer service rep, she asked to speak to a manager who said if he sent another shipment of e order, that my wife would probably end up with both, but only pay for one. This was practically accusing my wife of lying and attempting to defraud this company. For where I sit, this company took our money in good faith to provide goods and did not provide the goods.

This is called fraud. Do not buy anything from these people!!!

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